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Claud150 studio
music life

 I always loved music, books and comics.    

 I started playing at 15, learning to play the guitar, joining a small band, and doing my    1st steps in making music. We were playing blues and rock music then.     

Later, in the  80's and 90's I have played in  bigger  bands, touring, doing demos and      recording our 1st studio sessions.                

A few years later, I have created my own      band "The Claude L.ETIENNE group", as a      composer, songwriter, singer, and  guitarist with which quite a lot of concerts and          recordings have been done. 

Then I have recorded a few solo albums  in the 90's with a label and on my own.          

From 2000's to nowadays,  I have created a production company then I closed it to        become again an independent artist.         

Then, I have specialized myself in studio.    work as a producer and session musician. 

I composed for other artists and/or played on their tunes, indifferently bass, acoustic, electric guitars, slide, and programming.    drums, keys and synthes, using first 2 x 24 tracks Fostex and Protools. Now, I use 2    Protools with hardware preamps, machines and plugins. If needed,  according to the      productions, I also can do lead or backing vocals.                    

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Alpha 3 group                 : guitarist               

R'n'R Youngsters             : guitarist, vocals.  


Connection                      : guitarist.              


Claude L.Etienne group   :   composer,                  songwriter,    singer,    guitarist.          

Baron Rouge  : composer, guitarist,  singer 


The three Evergreens  : Producer, composer,  guitarist, Bass, keys. 


Hammerstock           : Producer, composer,  lead singer, guitarist, synthes.                     

           PSEUDOS and NICKNAMES  :             

Claude Stevens      :   composer, artist.        

Claud150.              :   composer, guitarist,                    session  musician, Bass, drums.    Claudjohn Hammerstock : singer, guitarist, composer, songwriter, Producer of the band Hammerstock


Studio working is an apprenticeship that      requires years of work, it's also a passion     which needs  a lot of time, I have started      recording a lot of songs and rough tunes on  4 tracks then 8 tracks Tascam machines.      The better songs were selected to be recor-  ded in bigger and pro studios.

Then I also used computers and DAWs with  analogic recorders. After years of practice,  doing gigs and recording in other studios,    I have set up my studio with 2 x 24 tracks    Fostex recorders. Now, I use Protools with     digidesign Avid cards; and this set up :           2 workstations with Protools, 2 Imac, digi    002 and 003, plugins, Mix table, Fostex        monitors, hardware preamps and effects.     





For other people and for my own work I have been recording blues, rock, heavy metal, and also funk, reggae, country, jazzy track with different singers, and artists from different countries.